This book is about the tumultuous and even passionate relationship between New Education and Educational Sciences, which are regarded as an inseparable couple, intrinsically linked and surprisingly fruitful. Yet they remain irreconcilable and are mutually contradictory in a number of their elements and characteristics. Do Educational Sciences offer a scientific base or ideological support for New Education? Do the numerous new educational initiatives and reforms provide a laboratory for Educational Sciences or alternatives to the new scientific paradigms? Is this at the risk of their merging? And what is the price of these tensions?Specialists in the history of Educational Sciences and New Education from various geographical, cultural and disciplinary horizons explore the complex links between this powerful reforming movement and the nascent disciplinary field that emerged during the first half of the 20th century.Cet ouvrage analyse les relations tumultueuses - passionnelles meme - de l'Education nouvelle et des Sciences de l'education: un couple indissociable - intrinsequement lie et d'une etonnante fecondite - autant qu'inconciliable, nombre de leurs presupposes et caracteristiques se contredisant mutuellement. Les Sciences de l'education offrent-elles la base scientifique ou l'appui ideologique de l'Education nouvelle ? Les nombreuses experiences et reformes educatives constituent-elles des laboratoires des Sciences de l'education ou des alternatives aux nouveaux paradigmes scientifiques ? Au risque de leur fusion ? Au prix de quelles tensions ? Des specialistes de l'histoire des Sciences de l'education et de l'Education nouvelle d'horizons geographiques, culturels et disciplinaires divers explorent les rapports complexes entre ce puissant mouvement reformiste et le champ disciplinaire naissant durant la premiere moitie du 20e siecle.