This book of readings is a book about the pursuit of God as a noble duty, not for the faint of heart. It is one that is divinely inspired, as Tozer says, by an urge placed in us by God to spur us on to the pursuit. The pursuit is asking God to reveal His Glory. It is coming to God humbly and simply. This 31-day devotional will fill your heart with the warmth and regenerative power of the Holy Spirit. Each day for 31 days, A.W. Tozer offers a new meditation on the nature of faith as he sees it. He challenges the devotee to come to God with a humble heart, and an uncluttered mind by the materialism of the sinful world. Over and over again he asserts the challenge of denying the self-life in exchange for a full devotion to the Lord. God is speaking, he says, and it is up to the believer to listen, be receptive and pursue! Also included in this book are several various special features; One is the excerpts from other works of Tozer as well as some poems and the rare Rules for Self-Discovery which is a great tool to have in your possession! Prepare yourself for a deeply meaningful and humbling experience in meditation and fellowship with God.