Wander through marketplaces of remote villages in Chiapas, dance with pineapple-laden girls in Oaxaca City, and parade with locals through the streets of Uruapan in the Palm Sunday Fair-all in search of traditional textiles. Textile Fiestas of Mexico is at once a celebration of Mexican folklife and a practical guide to finding the best collector textiles in the country. The guide is divided into two sections: Festivals and Fairs, and Markets. Festival and Fairs guides you from the deeply traditional Coffee and Huipil Fair in Cuetzalan, to the Reed Basket Fair in the tiny village of San Juan Guelavia. In the Markets section, travel to several weekly markets in Oaxaca or to Chiapas where the abundant textile cooperatives in San Cristobal give way to the flower fields of Zinacantan and the fabric they inspire. Textile Fiestas of Mexico offers smart advice on where to go and how to get there, focusing on safety and comfort for visitors who don't want the stresses and schedules of traditional tour groups. Brautigam shares insider tips from her extensive travels in Mexico and her expert textile knowledge, including a guide for ethical shopping.