Introduction /AndreÌ s Torres Queiruga, Luiz Carlos Susin, Jon Sobrino — Death and its religious "management" in human history /Karl-Heinz Ohlig — Dying and rising again in a popular tradition /Diego Irarrazaval — On dying hard : lessons from popular crucifixions and undisciplined resurrections in Latin America /Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid — Resurrection in the Israelite tradition /SeneÌ n Vidal — Jesus raised as "primrose" of shared resurrection /Giuseppe Barbaglio — Metaphysical aspects of the concept of resurrection /Thomas SchaÌ rtl — The resurrection of nature : an aspect of cosmic Christology /JuÌ rgen Moltmann — Resurrection as process of a new life /MaÌ rcio Fabri dos Anjos — The resurrection of one crucified : hope and a way of living /Jon Sobrino — Resurrection and funeral liturgy /AndreÌ s Torres Queiruga — I believe in resurrection /Pedro CasaldaÌ liga — Conclusion : resurrection, the heart of life and faith /Luiz Carlos Susin — Documentation. Migration from Africa to Spain /Rafael Lara. — Migration from the Americas and Caribbean /Alberto Lopez Pulido.